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Your Summer Landscape Maintenance Guide Checklist

If you’d like to end up with the greenest and healthiest lawn in your neighborhood, here’s a guide checklist for your summer landscape maintenance.

1. Water your lawn deeply and once a week

People normally turn on their sprinklers for a few minutes and a couple of times a week. This isn’t good enough for your grass and plants. If you deeply water your garden and trees to about one inch, it is only necessary to do it once a week. If you want to be sure you are watering your plants with one inch of water, place some containers throughout your lawn. Then, turn your sprinklers on and keep watering until you measure one inch of water in most of the containers.

2. Help your lawn get some air

Grass roots need oxygen as well as water and nutrients. Punch holes throughout your lawn to about 3 inches deep. This way you can help give your grass the necessary space to grow in. This will give better air circulation and loosen up the soil. Your grass will also make better use of water and nutrients.

3. Use natural fertilizers

It’s best to use natural fertilizers than synthetic ones because they are better for your garden and the environment. When applying fertilizers it is important to take into account the type of soil, and the geographic location.

Remember, if keeping a good maintenance of your garden is important to you, take good care of it and follow this guide checklist!

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