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When you go Away from Gardening

When you go Away from Gardening

Let’s face it. Life doesn’t always come as we want. Family issues usually crop up. Turmoil happens. And when life gets in the way of your gardening you need to prepare to deal with it. Then, you have to think when you go away from gardening.  

If your landscape was well tended before that unexpected surgery, parental crisis, and another unplanned event, your garden would be just fine for a period of time. Mother nature will cut you a break because you have been so conscientious about tending to your landscape.  But the plants will continue to grow and that means all of them, really. This is called succession.

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Recognize when you need help

Identify what you can do and what you cannot do. Make a list of them. You can choose to put the things that you hate doing, even if you really can do them. If you love to do certain things add them to other list and it will help you to your emotional health. You just have to schedule them so they get done. Anything that you cannot plan put it in another list. This little exercise will help you to whittle with the items that can be scheduled.

A specific task that you can look for help is the importance of water to your garden.

when you go away from gardening help

Finding help

Now it’s time find a little help. Determine things on list that have some urgency to it, like mowing the lawn. Don’t have access to a local kid willing to push a mower for a few bucks? Then find a service provider to take care of it, along with any other urgent items. There is a great value in having help. Think about it like you are protecting an investment.

Use nature for perspective

when you go away from gardening nature

We can get all overwhelmed sometimes. Fortunately nature is there to provide perspective. No matter what, seasons change, plants grow and die, landscapes evolve, and life goes on. Nature has the power to help you reframe your perspective if you let it. The constant flux, the ebb and flow, the resilience might just help you meet your life and events in a different light.

Probaby you will need help in tasks like the best time to fertilize your trees.

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