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What is Hardscape?

What is Hardscape?

So if you want to learn what is hardscape? here Super Green will explain the characteristics and differences in the design of patios and gardens.

What is Hardscape Chicago Il

Hardscape is the non-living element of a landscape. Hardscape refers to everything except plants. Such as walkways, walls, patios, patios, gazebos, and a wide variety of other structures. The arrangement of hardscape elements in a landscape is a critical part. This is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing space. Whether you’re gardening a small plot in front of a city home or landscaping a sprawling estate in the country.

For example, if a garden is in a region surrounded by a lake, the garden is going to designed to complement the ambient. Triying to integrate the garden with the surrounding area with the new elements.

One of the first hardened elements to be installed is often paths. Which can be made of brick, crushed gravel, wood chips and a wide variety of other materials. Pathways map out the garden, determining how it will flow through the landscape and how people will interact with the environment. As in the case of large boulders that may be impossible to move, or structures that existed before the landscaping began. In other cases, the garden may be designed around a key landscape feature, such as a fountain or outdoor sculpture. Gardeners can also include movable elements, such as rotating art displays that can be changed with the seasons.
In a well-designed garden. The landscape and hardscape complement each other without clashing or competing for attention.
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