Tips You Need to Know Before Installing Fake Grass

The tips you need to know before installing fake grass are not just the typical benefits and cons you have read. There are a lot of things you really need to know in the moment you install it. This info will prevent you from all those problems you can have and fix them quickly.

Don't forget the previous work

When you are ready to install your new turf, the first thing you have to do is removing the old grass. The grass space has to be in a precise state for beginning the installation. This job sounds easy, but it’s really a tough work. It can take more time that you expect. Some companies can make this part of the project in 2 or 3 days. But that depends on the amount of grass they need to remove, the number of people in their crew and the way they approach the task.

When the old grass has gone is time to remove and smooth the soil. So, that’s the way to eliminate dips and humps. Now we are ready to go on!

Track your project times

We know installing grass it’s not so difficult but it doesn’t mean it’s a child game. Depending on the size of the complete area the complexity level can increase. You need to plan factors like the number of people you need, to choose the workers ideal profile. And even the weather can change the rules of the game.

To take the exact measures is one of the most important steps. Before installing you should check the grass is trimmed with no ragged edges. The ideal temperature for this labor is about 50° F. The cold conditions can eliminate all the morning work. This means time delay in the initial projection But the normal lapse of time recovers 2 or 3 days.

Why is important to clean?

The worst that can happen is to work with a contractor that leaves all the mess in the grass and escapes afterwards. Have in mind that they clean all the leftovers in the turf before the end of the project. The yard must be in the same shape than before the installation. If you get a good worker sometimes the result is more shining yet.

Remember that one of most messiest part of the job is removing the last part of sod. By example, if you work in a dry weather day, probably this job will kick up the dust. We recommend you keeping your windows and inside the house closed. 

To record all the bills

Look this payment like an investment. At first sight it seems expensive but you have to think in long terms. Really the big costs comes in this part of the process. The maintenance is very cheaper comparing with the real grass. Practically you just have to spend your time in enjoying the beauty site you built. 

Almost always this landscaping addition returns like a decoration plus and becomes a great upgrade detail. You obtain all the benefits of less maintenance and yard hard working. It’s very common to see that the houses with artificial grass can sell faster than the other ones. The buyer loves the beautiful appearance and less work.

Forget the land troubles

It’s surprising that you can install artificial grass everywhere. You don’t need special conditions to plant it. Doesn’t matter if it includes deep shades, wirdly shapes spaces or slopes. Just look for the dimension you want to cover. it can be a big and soft green garden or a tiny and pretty little lawn.

Plan the use of your turf

It’s the first condition you must consider when you want to install the grass of your dreams. These are the best uses you can give it:

  • Commercial places.
  • Public green spaces.
  • Different play areas.
  • Pet play areas.
  • Variety sport fields.
  • Backyard living spaces.
  • Balconies and rooftops.
  • Decks.
  • Pool surrounds.
  • Walkways
  • Putting greens.

So, you can find a lot of different styles depending on the purpose of your projetc. But you will not only find these options. You will hace the chance to choose different shades of green and different blade shapes. 

Also one big idea is to design your place to relax. It doesn’t matter the singular characteristic of your project.

Look for the best warranty

You must be very careful at this point. The artificial turf warranties can vary considerably.