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The Best Time to Fertilize Root Trees

The Best Time to Fertilize Root Trees

If you have a tree in your property that requires fertilization, one of the most effective methods is organic deep root feeding. Definitely the best time to fertilize root trees are fall and spring. Compacted and clay-rich soil plus life outside the forest can be stressful for trees and shrubs. They need a boost. Deep root fertilization is a comprehensive way to feed your trees while giving your landscape added benefits. 

Also, you should combine this process with all the tips about the importance of water to your garden.

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The process

In case you are new to the idea or its plethora of benefits, now we will break the process. A deep root soil conditioning injection is a fertilization process that involves feeding nutrients including into a tree’s root ball through a large spike, injecting 8-12″ underground at the base of your tree or shrub.

The studies show that this process can increase the growth rate of trees by 20% through strengthening roots. In addition to delivering trees and shrubs the nutrients they need, the process of deep root feeding aerates dense soil so roots can get the oxygen necessary to absorb those nutrients.

the best time to fertilize root trees process

Added bonuses include allowing roots to draw more water, thus improving a tree’s resistance to drought. This expeditious method of feeding also helps tree overcome mineral deficiencies and prevents fungal infections.

The best time to do it!

In forests, trees self-fertilize when their autumn leaves decay. In neighborhoods, where leaves are removed to keep lawns free from debris, we need to take other measures.

We recommend the best time to deep root fertilize trees is twice a year between fall and mid-spring. While trees and shrubs go into a sort of winter hibernation, the deep root fertilization works to improve their immune system. Fertilizing in spring encourages tip and leave growth. This working will be a good way to prepare your lawn for winter.

So, since here you can start to your process of fertilizing roots in fall or spring. If you want more precise information you just have to contact us. We will ask all your questions.

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