Outdoor Living Spaces Design

One of the biggest trends for backyards is to install an Outdoor Living space Design. People choose to design living rooms, patios or fireplaces in their backyards as multipurpose areas. Creating outdoor living spaces like this gives us more benefits than we could ever imagine. An Outdoor Living spaces design gives us a refuge from the stress of everyday life.

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At Super Green, we offer you a wide variety of designs so you can create that space to enjoy your garden. We will adapt to your needs and the project you have in mind.

But before we start, we must have in mind the practicality of this space. If you need it attached to the house or create an independent outdoor space in the garden. Consider the style of your property to match the style of this new project or even the mobility to your home.

Some of the most popular ideas for Outdoor Living spaces are:

-Outdoor kitchen and dining area.
-A fire pit area.
-Decks and patios
-Outdoor living rooms
-Jacuzzi and pool area


There is a space designed specifically for you, your friends and your family. One that can adapt to your needs and activities. A design created for the enjoyment of all your guests.

Home Office and Online Classes

In recent years our lifestyles have changed drastically so that we can work at home and our children can study in the same way. But this has also translated into a sedentary lifestyle and more time in front of the computer. And there are a lot of cons about the Home office. Sometimes it is difficult to leave work aside or just to leave the house. So we get less sunlight and thus fewer vitamins. Our eyes become drier and more fatigued.

So your own outdoor space allows you to continue working or studying but still enjoy the warmth and nature. Or even get away from that stress completely.

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