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Learn more about the Grass Life Cycle

Learn more about the Grass Life Cycle

Did you know the grass that makes up your yard area has a “life cycle”? this life cycle is based on what type of grass you have and the climate it is growing in. By understanding the life cycle of grass, you’ll be able to determine the best time to fertilize your lawn and treat for trees.

There is a common misconception about grass treatment. Some people say that you must fertilize seed and weed all at the same time at the beginning of Spring. this is not a good practice. 

Weed and fertilizer

Remember that crabgrass is the number one weed in every yard and if it is not killed at the root, it can easily become a never-ending problem. By applying crabgrass prevention at the start of the season, you have to kill the weed at the surface, thereby preventing it from germinating and populating. When paired with fertilizer, you are getting the best of the two worlds, killing weed and feeding your yard.

Two factors that play a role in how well your weed killer performs and how it lasts is precipitation and heat. If there is more rain and/or heat than usual, then it’s going to reduce the amount of time you weed killer is affective.

Seed your yard

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