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How to Clean Your Brick Patio?

How to Clean Your Brick Patio?

When your brick patio is installed it doesn’t need too much assistance. This is one of the best traits of brick. Through the pass of time you will require to learn how to clean your brick patio. These are the  main reasons:

  • The weed growth.
  • Sediment deposit.
  • Falling leaves.

Next you will have a few tips about how to clean your brick patio. 

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Eliminate the debris

You must start this work by swiping or blowing your brick patio out of debris. If you see some parts full of weed growing around the joints between the pavers, you can spray them with a weed killer or remove them by hand. At last give your patio another sweep pulling out dead plant material or loose soil.

The mold and mildey in your bricks

how to clean your brick patio mold

When your patio is located in damp or shaded areas from your yard, it’s normal to notice some mold or mildey growing in the bricks. Really, this will not make too much damage for the integrity of the patio. It just will be some unsightly. Luckily this can be removed with a simple cleaning solution: 

  • Get 4 cups of bleach.
  • Full 1 gallon of warm water.


Then apply the solution in every small sections. The solution must not dry over the pavers. Then you have to scrub with a stiff bristle brush. Finally rinse it thoroughly with your garden hose. Apply it normal pressure, and if you see is needed then you will have to scrub it for a second time. 

Have in mind avoiding the use of a high pressure nozzle or a pressure washer. Te force of the water can remove the sand that is between the joints of the brick. Pressure washers can also cause some edges of your pavers to chip.

Follow this first tips about how to clean your brick patio. If you need help call us and we will give you more info.

how to clean your brick patio mildey