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How To Choose Sodding?

How To Choose Sodding?

Installing a sod lawn has many advantages over other lawn planting methods such as seeding, springing, plugging, etc.  Here is a list of ways how to choose sodding for your lawn. A lawn that complies with all ordinances.

1. A sod lawn produces an "instant lawn"

The most mainstream advantage to sodding is the way that there is no waiting hold back to have the option to appreciate a beautiful green yard. When you sod, you are getting a tremendous head-start to have the option to utilize your yard for regular activities like playing or entertaining. Also, a seed or sprigged yard sets aside a lot of effort to grow in (typically a year and a half), leaving your yard looking exposed and unattractive.  After fourteen days, sodding is normally prepared for heavy activity, permitting it to be a quick lawn planting choice that adds prompt excellence to your home’s outdoor space.

2. Once installed, the sod requires less irrigation

For the first couple of weeks, newly planted grass should normally be watered two times per day. Moreover, seeding a lawn can require up to at least four waterings per day to keep up the ground with the important dampness required for proper seed germination. This can be expensive and tedious.

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3. Sod makes for a denser lawn

While sodding, pieces are fit firmly together to get a rich, even lawn. There are no exposed spots in a sodded yard that would require additional work, such as reseeding for instance.

What comes next?

Now that you’ve decided the type of grass you should grow on your lawn, it’s best to get in touch with professional landscapers. They will efficiently install sod on your lawn. Moreover, you can hire them for the maintenance task so as to keep it in good shape without spending hours working on your lawn.

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