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Gardening trends for 2020 have proven to be focused on making the most of what we have and creating spaces that are good for the environment, compact and easy to maintain.

1. Turning to Tech for Houseplant Help

If you would love to join the houseplant movement but need some help keeping your plant babies alive, you’re not alone! As one of the best Landscaping Services in Chicago, we understand that the inside of your house should be just as full of life as the exteriro. Houseplants continue to get more and more popular as people recognize their mood-enhancing effects and contributions to décor. More and more gardeners are turning to garden tech to help keep their indoor greenery green:

  • If your indoor space doesn’t get enough light, try using grow light gardens to bring new life into your houseplants.
  • Unsure if your light is right? There’s an app for that! With the Plant Light Meter, simply point your phone camera towards the light source to see how much light is available.
  • If you’re more interested in growing edible plants than ornamental plants, try Miracle-Gro’s Twelve Indoor Growing System.
  • If you need help remembering to water (you’re not the only one!), give self-watering pots a try.

2. Composting for a More Sustainable Garden

Over the last few years we’ve seen gardeners switching to natural methods of pest control and taking steps to support local pollinators. Though sustainable gardening isn’t new, we are happy to see that it’s a movement that continues to gain traction. One more way to garden sustainably is through composting.

Here are some of the reasons composting is gaining ground:

  • It reduces your carbon footprint
  • It provides your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive
  • It enhances the fertility of your garden soil
  • It can be done on both large and small properties

Learn the basics of composting and what you need to do to get started.

3. DIYing & Repurposing

 While making your own instead of buying prefabricated items has always been “in,” there has been a definite resurgence as awareness of the environmental impact of consumerism grows.

In addition to countless DIY tutorials, a quick Google search reveals thousands of ideas for repurposing items and making them new again. Here are just a few clever garden-related repurposing projects we like:


There are lots of ideas for repurposing garden items for practical purposes out there. For example, plastic nursery pots can be used to start seeds or as containers for collecting produce from your garden.

4. Keeping it Low Maintenance

We at Landscape Design Construction in Chicago believe that keeping indoor gardening low maintenance is a trend that will never go away!

Barbara Katz of London Landscapes LLC agrees that focusing on foliage is the way to go, stressing that “a garden carefully planted with shrubs that have colorful foliage provides a more permanent garden and lower maintenance.”


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